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My top ten! In no particular order...

7. Statement necklaces. They make even the most drab outfits fab!
8. Lattes. I'll readily admit my weakness for a Chestnut Praline or a Cinnamon Dolce from Starbucks, but I especially love the one-of-a-kind specials from local coffee shops. There's something awesome about visiting somewhere new and trying whatever drink the barista recommends.
9. Dogs... never cats, always dogs. I only tolerate cats who tolerate me first :)
10. Mornings... some say I'm crazy, including my husband. But to me, there's nothing better than the enjoying the peace and quiet right after the sun rises, complete with a Bible or journal in my lap and a cup of coffee in my hand.



1. Collecting coffee mugs. I buy one pretty much everywhere we go, and I'm loving the cutesy calligraphy mugs popping up everywhere!
2. High heels. I'm only 5'4, but I married a man who's 6'2 which pretty much requires that I wear heels all the time! And I'm OK with that.
3. Scented Candles. I'm lucky that Josh shares my love for yummy smelling candles, because we have waayyyy too many.
4. Lipstick. I used to hate lipstick, but recently I've gotten more bold and love rocking a bright red lip. Why not?
5. OPI nail polish. I spent years painting my nails with the cheap stuff that chips off three hours later, until I realized that the expensive stuff actually does stay on longer. Totally worth it!
6. Macro lens. I'm totally in love with my Canon 100mm 2.8L because it lets me get those swoon-worthy ring shots that I ADORE.

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