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Meet Me: JOSH & ME

Hi! We're Josh & Michelle!

Meet our little family... Josh, me, and our two happy puppies (Duke and Ellee). We love our jobs and wouldn't have it any other way! Marriage has been a challenging, wonderful, and crazy adventure for us and it's an honor to share the beginning of that journey with our couples. Josh and I are very different in a lot of ways,... he loves tea, I love coffee; I'm glued to my colorful day planner while he would be happy with no planner at all; he's a severe night owl and I can't get enough of those quiet, peaceful morning hours. But some of the things we share? We both are believers in Jesus Christ as our personal Savior, adore all things musical, and love working with our brides and grooms!!!

Our Story

A quiet girl with wavy brown hair extending just past her shoulders has been chosen to sing a solo in the choir that he has spent the last four years in. She's new and doesn't seem to know many people, so he's said "hi" once or twice. But WOW, he didn't know she could sing like that! Wasn't she some kind of science major? Biology, maybe. There was something about her though... and so he invited her to sing with him at church the following Sunday. And then she came back for a second Sunday, and helped him study for his earth science exam. A few texts turned into a coffee date, which turned into a date to a Superbowl party and talking until midnight.

Fast forward almost four years, and those two are now husband and wife both working in the Columbus wedding industry. He's a wedding DJ who also works full time at a local church, she's a wedding and portrait photographer. With her biology background, she never considered the possibility of becoming a full time creative entrepreneur... but now, it's all she can imagine.

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