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When you choose me to be your wedding photographer, you not only gain two photographers to flawlessly capture your dream wedding, but you gain someone who will stand with you as a friend, support, and coordinator on your wedding day. I'll help you create the perfect wedding timeline, scout portrait locations, and always go the extra mile. I've even been known to donate a bobby pin or two should a stray hair fall out of place. Whatever happens on your wedding day, we're there to serve YOU!

A complimentary engagement session is included in all Michelle Joy wedding collections. Even if you have already had engagement photos taken, I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity! Your engagement session will act like a dress rehearsal for your wedding portraits We'll talk about posing and get to know each other so that on your wedding day, even with all the chaos swirling around you, you'll know exactly what to do.

Finally, I've had a decent handful of people ask why I don't offer wedding collections that include less than 8 hours of coverage. The reason is that many brides, especially those feeling strained within their budget, may be tempted to hire a photographer for only four or six hours as a way to save money. However, as a past bride myself and as a wedding photographer, I can say from experience that the biggest cause of stress on a wedding day is always TIME! I've made the decision to not contribute to the problem by offering packages that will squeeze the timeline too tightly, which is why every Michelle Joy wedding collection includes 8 hours of coverage along with a second shooter. As a Michelle Joy bride, you can rest in the fact there will be enough time on your wedding day to capture all those gorgeous details you spent so much time perfecting, beautiful romantic portraits of you and your husband-to-be, joyful moments you share with your family and bridal party, and every second in between.

Are you ready to become a Michelle Joy bride? Visit my contact page to get in touch!

What to Expect

The most common question clients ask me before any kind of portrait shoot is, "Will you tell me what to do/how to stand/where to look?" The answer is yes, absolutely, a million times yes. It's a widespread myth that to take good pictures, you have to either be a professional model, weigh 90 lb, have the perfect "smolder" look, or all of the above. But that just isn't the case! I have yet to meet a person who can't look gorgeous in photos when given the right direction. As the photographer, giving you that direction is a huge part of my job! We'll talk about any "problem areas" you're concerned about and work together to make sure that you're looking and feeling awesome for the entire shoot.

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