Owen [Baby Session | Richmond, VA]

Owen, Owen, Owen! I am so in love with this little guy. For those of you who don’t know, I was born and raised in Virginia and will always call it home. I didn’t quite inherit the Southern belle accent, paralyzing fear of driving in winter weather, or the love affair with sweet tea, but my Virginia roots are true. I love sunshine and summer, the beach, the mountains, and everything that comes along with living in such a beautiful place. There are definitely some perks to Ohio living, but Virginia will always be in my heart. Currently I’m in denial that summer in Ohio is coming to an end, but we won’t go there 😉

Anyway, back to Owen! Owen belongs to my lifelong best friend Amber, who hasn’t been able to tear herself away from Virginia and currently lives there with her husband, Joe. They recently celebrated their third wedding anniversary with arrival of adorable little Owen, who I got to meet when I visited home earlier this summer! I was thrilled to be able to take some photos of him, which I’m so excited to share with you below. Get ready, your hearts are about to explode with all the cuteness… <3

This one is literally mid-sneeze… SO ADORABLE.

Joe is a huge Panther’s fan, so of course they are indoctrinating him young. I love this little outfit they found!!!

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