Mikayla | 2017 Senior Spokesmodel

Summer Ballerina + Senior Spokesmodel Shoot at Creekside Gahanna

Every once in a while, I’ll have a session where I just laugh and stop giving posing direction, because the model is just killing it even when I don’t say a word. Don’t get me wrong, the method I use to pose my clients is a huge part of my strategy to achieve natural, genuine-looking portraits and I actually love doing it! But sometimes, my clients are so excited and have such a vision for their shoot that they can take over a little bit- and I let them! Mikayla and I traded off picking locations and poses, and I absolutely love the way her senior portraits turned out!

If you’re one of my brides or grooms, you may recognize Mikayla! She is the most common second shooter that I use at weddings, and now you know her secret– she’s still in high school! She’s just starting her senior year in Pickerington and wants to be a wedding/event coordinator when she grows up. She’s amazing behind the camera and I love being able to take her along!

Not only is Mikayla a great photographer, she’s also an incredible dancer! I was so excited when she told me she wanted to incorporate ballet into her senior session. I learned some fun facts about point shoes that I hadn’t known before, and we had so much fun looking for unique locations for her to dance. Mikayla is an amazing girl and has a great head on her shoulders; she’s responsible, confident, and knows what she wants out of life. She’s going to accomplish a lot and I can’t wait to watch her! Enjoy some favorites from her senior session 🙂

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