Destination Anniversary Session in Dublin, Ireland


I’m so exited to be sharing the first (of MANY) images from our trip to IRELAND!!!! We were there for a week with our friends Cari and Bernie, who we got to know during the time that we lived in Illinois before moving to Columbus! They drove all the way to our place in Ohio, and then the four of us carpooled to New York City to spend a little time there before we flew out of JFK nonstop to Dublin.

I’ll share more about our trip later, but fist I want to tell you more about these two! Their wedding was actually the very first wedding Josh was asked to DJ, so they hold a special place in our hearts and our business. I guess you could say that they were the reason Josh Staley Productions began! They are such a great couple and it was so much fun getting to spend this trip with them. Cari is organized and always on task, where Bernie is the more relaxed of the two and takes problems in stride. They compliment each other so well and we loved spending a week overseas with them!

Obviously I couldn’t go an entire week in Ireland without a portrait session, and since Cari and Bernie celebrated their anniversary shortly before we left, it only made sense! On our last morning in Dublin, we woke up early and met just outside our hotel. It was gorgeous! The weather was pretty chilly that morning so we didn’t stay out long, but oh was it worth it. Enjoy my favorites of Cari and Bernie, and keep an eye on the blog for more of the magic of Ireland, coming soon!!!

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