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Maybe you’re a busy mom running a Poshmark business on the side. Maybe you’re working a full-time office job with dreams of being a full-time photographer. Maybe you’re working two, three, even four part-time side hustles trying to make ends meet. Maybe you’re running a full-time business from home, but you still don’t feel like enough.

Let me say to you: YOU ARE ENOUGH. You are worthy, chosen, and loved. Take a deep breath and repeat those words to yourself… Worthy. Chosen. Loved. Say it again, this time out loud. Right here, in the midst of your messy and imperfect life… you are worthy, chosen, and loved. 

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Here's the truth...

Hustle doesn't lead to happiness.

If you're in the first few years of building a photography business, you might feel like you'll never catch up. There's always something new to learn, and if you're considering photographing weddings, say hello to lots of high pressure situations. You literally can't mess up.

My friend Kelsie and I remember what those years felt like, and we've created an entire library of resources to help you up-level your photography business. No matter your struggle, we want you to succeed and we've got you covered!

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Photography is hard.

But it doesn't have to be!