Victoria [Senior Session | German Village]

Happy Labor Day everyone!!!!!!!

Today’s post is all about seniors, specifically Victoria B! Victoria is a proud member of the Hilliard Davidson High School class of 2016. This will be her second year at Hilliard Davidson, and she’s looking forward to this year after having settled down and made some amazing new friends! After graduation, she’s planning to study a special branch of psychology called DBT. I had to look it up – DBT stands for Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and is a technique used to help patients who are chronically suicidal or deal with other severe emotional needs. I already had an amazing amount respect for this girl, and knowing that she wants to dedicate her life to helping the mentally ill lead more enriched and fulfilled lives makes me love her even more! Victoria also spends a lot of time with her youth group and has an artsy side as well… she sent me an AMAZING portrait that she drew and I’m SO impressed. I’ve added it to the bottom of the post… make sure you scroll all the way down to see it!! Congratulations Victoria!!! 🙂

I love this piece that Victoria sent!!! SO GOOD!!!!

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