Totally in love… with my new Kelly Moore Camera Bag!

Up until this point, I hadn’t taken the plunge and invested in a nice camera bag. I mean, they are so expensive! Really. The only thing I had was the ugly black backpack camera bag that came FREE with my Canon 6D from Best Buy… nothing against it, but it looks like it was free! Not the best way to build an expensive high-end brand, right? Besides, it just wasn’t functional for what I needed. I didn’t need just a camera bag – I needed a CAMERA BAG. One that was stylish and could double as a purse, but still hold all the gear I needed for a full wedding day. Enter Kelly Moore bags.

I’d been drooling over her bags for a while, but I just didn’t feel justified spending the money. $200 for a bag may not seem like much to some of you, but for me, a clearance & TJ Maxx sort of girl, it was a LOT. In the past I had tried building my own (thank you Pinterest), but wasn’t entirely happy with it, and finally ended up just carrying my camera body around in my hand and held two extra lenses, my phone, keys, lip gloss, extra battery, and extra memory card in my trusty Vera Bradley Crossbody Hipster bag. It worked, but the crepe paper roll that I had situated between the two lenses to keep them from toppling onto each other inside the bag just wasn’t ideal. Literally, that’s what I did. Yikes. Everything else stayed in the car in a backpack, and I just prayed I wouldn’t have to run and get it at the least opportune moment…

But thankfully, those days are OVER! For our anniversary, my hunk of a husband surprised me with THIS!!! A dreamy, stylish, sturdy, caramel-colored Kelly Moore bag with room to hold all my gear including my laptop. YAY!!!! It turns out that all the protests he had made about my camera bag (he said he couldn’t understand why I didn’t want to use the free backpack from Best Buy) had been a ruse to throw me off the trail… he’s a sneaky one. 😉

Need a new camera bag? Check out mine here! Happy Monday everyone!

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