Libby [Toddler Session | Groveport OH]

When I met Libby and her parents and asked if they wanted family pictures or just pictures of her, they were confident. “Nope, we don’t need any of us! We just want pictures of our little girl.”

Libby is a care-free and unquestionably ADORABLE 18-month old who loves to run around and play. What kid doesn’t? I had such a fun time chasing her around and watching her pick “flowers” (dandelions), play with leaves, and run away from her parents laughing when they snuck up on her singing the Jaws theme song… yes, you read that correctly. I loved it.

Congratulations on turning the big 1-8 months, Libby! Congratulations to Mom and Dad for raising such a joy-filled little lady. 🙂

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