Holly Jolly Christmas Party

In addition to my wonderful husband and business, I am so thankful to have some incredible ladies in my life. And last weekend, we had a Christmas party! The gorgeous Lauren, who you may have seen before when she got ENGAGED a few weeks ago (!!!), was gracious enough to host seven of us in her tiny one bedroom apartment. It was an incredible evening of girly movies, ugly sweaters, a gift exchange, lots of Christmas cookies, and some incredibly expensive hot chocolate complete with peppermint spoons.

It’s nights like these that rejuvenate my soul and remind me what life is really about. Some of these girls are just starting to figure out this journey of adulthood, while some of them are still in high school. Regardless, I’m so thankful to see all of them at church each Sunday and even more so when we can find time like this to spend together! It’s so easy to get busy and distracted with our individual lives, but the encouragement and community that takes place when we all come together is so precious. Thanks for an incredible evening ladies! And Lauren, I’m still so in love with your Christmas pig. 😉

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