Smith Family [Chestnut Ridge Metro Park | Carroll]

When Josh and I uprooted and moved our lives to Columbus in March of 2014, we weren’t quite sure what to expect. We knew Josh would have a new job and we would have a new church family, but for an introvert like me, meeting a ton of new people all at once (especially when they already know who you are, because you’re the music director’s wife!!) can be daunting and overwhelming to say the least! Out of the crowd of faces popped Lydia, who simply came up and asked me if I would be interested in joining their small group. A group that’s small, very much unlike the huge gathering of church members that I was supposed to be mingling with? Count me in! Don’t get me wrong, I love our church family, but I struggle to find my place in a large group when everyone is trying to talk to you at once. So the next Sunday, I went – and immediately felt at home. I felt connected, loved, and no one seemed to care that I was “the new pastor’s wife.”

Needless to say, their entire family has been just as welcoming and I love that we get to call them friends. Michael has been a great support to Josh, and Mikayla actually second shot Kamola & Jason’s wedding for me! (You can view that wedding by clicking here; I couldn’t have made it through the day without her.) I’m so thankful for all four of you! 🙂

Sometimes, you just have to have a little fun 🙂

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