The Senior Experience

It’s the first day of Senior Week!!! YAY!!! If this is your first time here, welcome to my blog! Today’s post will describe in full the Michelle Joy Senior Experience, from start to finish. I absolutely LOVE photographing high school seniors, and have been working hard to craft an amazing senior portrait experience that will make you look and feel like a million bucks.

When I was a senior in high school, senior portraits were a big deal. But like many of my friends, I didn’t choose a photographer and have a dream photo shoot… I went to JC Penney. And then I didn’t really like some of those, so I went to Portrait Innovations. And in between, my best friend Kristina and I took “senior pictures” of each other outside in her backyard. And you know what?

I liked the pictures that my friend took more than I liked the professional ones!

Now, for some seniors, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with going to JC Penney or a similar studio to have portraits taken. Especially if you’re the type who doesn’t really care about their senior pictures and just need a few photos for Grandma and the yearbook, your average studio can be perfect. But if you’re like me, that’s not your style. I wanted that Senior Portrait Experience. I loved the pictures my friend Kristina took because they showed me in a natural environment! I was happy, having fun, wearing my favorite clothes, and hanging out outside. Perfect! Plus, the portrait studio didn’t give me any digital images. My poor mom spent a ton of money on prints that I never used. What a waste!

For the curious among you, here are a few shots that Kristina took. (You can ignore the fact that I wasn’t wearing makeup and obviously didn’t know how to edit consistently ;).) Looking back on them now, they’re not great, and understandably so… we weren’t photographers!!! But it was the experience that I loved, the freedom to use the images wherever I wanted, remembering the fun I had during the photo shoot instead of wondering why the studio photographer was making me turn my head a certain way.

The confidence and fun I had taking senior portraits with my friend is the experience I work hard to provide for every single Michelle Joy Senior! I want you to LOVE everything about your session… the hair and makeup, the outfits, the location, and of course the final images. I want you to be able to share your senior portraits everywhere because you LOVE them and they remind you of how fun it was to be a senior! I shared a few weeks ago about how Michelle Joy Photography is all about Joyful Moments Remembered, and your senior year is a time that you will always want to remember! I still look back on my senior year and smile as all the memories of laughter, adventures, and freedom come flooding back. Those feelings are what I want you to remember when you choose to be a Michelle Joy senior!!!

That’s why I’ve so carefully crafted the Michelle Joy Senior Experience. If you’ve been reading this post to find out what it’s like to be a Michelle Joy senior, here it is! All seniors will receive:

  • Senior Portrait Guide (to help you prepare for your session)
  • Two hour portrait session (at the location of your choice)
  • Up to 3 Outfits (alternate between casual, dressy, or wear your sports uniform!)
  • Professional Hair & Makeup (optional)
  • Bring a friend! (Your senior experience always includes those important you you! Your best friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, sibling, etc. is welcome to join us for photos during the last 30 minutes of your session!)
  • Digital Files + Print Release (you can also order print products from me if you wish)
  • Online Gallery to share with Family + Friends

If you apply and are selected to be a 2017 Senior Spokesmodel, you get even more perks!

1. 50% Off Senior Portrait Session (Hair + Makeup Included!)
2. Participation in a Styled Shoot (I’M SO EXCITED FOR THIS YOU GUYS!!!)
3. Featured space on the Michelle Joy blog!
4. Fabulous perks & prizes (gift cards, cash back, & more) when you refer your friends!

To apply to be a 2017 Senior Spokesmodel, visit my website and fill out the application HERE!
If you’re interested in booking your senior portrait session, fill out my contact form HERE! Or, email me your name, school, and graduation year at and I’ll get back to you soon!

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