Weekend Recap + Self-Defense Tips!

It’s time for a weekend wrap up, a day late but that’s okay! This weekend was a busy one, not with work or weddings, but with so many fun things! I spent nearly all of Saturday out roaming Columbus, because Saturday was Zombie Day. Yep, that’s a thing at our house!

Zombie Day had been on my calendar for months and marks the day where all the guys come over to our house, eat man/junk food, and play Black Ops 3… loudly. all. day. long. They bring multiple TVs, and Josh even threw a projector up on our living room wall. It’s madness, and I have to admit, just a little bit impressive!

So what did I do to fill Zombie Day? I went to see the movie Room with Lauren. We had both wanted to see it after having friends tell us how great it was, and since we knew Brie Larson had also won best actress for the film, it seemed like a win-win! We weren’t disappointed. I don’t want to ruin it with spoilers… but just know… it’s definitely worth seeing!!!
After the movie, Lauren and I journeyed over to Cup of Joe right next to OSU. We both love finding new coffee shops, and this was one neither of us had tried before! We sipped our hot drinks and made some checklists on Lauren’s wedding planning list, and then after running a few more errands, we did something else we’d never done before – a self-defense class!
Self-defense is one of those things that can be hard to think about, because learning self-defense almost feels like acknowledging that something bad could happen to you… that you will actually have to use it! At the same time, that’s the world we live in, right? Especially as a photographer, knowing that I spent a decent portion of my time carrying a bag worth a several thousand dollars in gear… it’s good to know. Here’s a crash course if you’ve never taken a self-defense class! Studies show that if you look confrontational and are obviously aware of your surroundings… you are much less likely to become a target. So your self-defense starts there, on a daily basis by the way you carry yourself! Don’t walk while looking down at your phone, or walk with your hands in your pockets. If someone enters your personal bubble, move away! It’s even better to look them in the eye and say something to them out loud, even something simple about the weather. If the person is nice, great! You just started an innocent conversation about the weather. If the person had ill intentions, then they will realize you aren’t afraid of them and will probably move on to target someone else.
So there’s some free advice for you! Act confident, be aware, and you are far less likely to have to use those self-defense maneuvers. I’d tell you more about my weekend, specifically the huge and exciting project we spent all Sunday afternoon working on… but it’s a surprise, so I can’t tell you anything yet! (HINT: The photo at the top of this post has something to do with it… but that’s the only hint you’re getting!

) Trust me, you’ll hear about it in a few weeks!!! Happy Monday Tuesday, everyone!!!

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