Kelly + Jerry | Engaged

A Romantic Columbus Engagement Session at Schiller Park + Scioto Mile

Some of my favorite engagement sessions are the ones where the couple starts the day not quite sure how to pose or how to act in front of the camera… but by the end of the session, they are having a blast and totally KILLING it as though they’d been doing it their whole life. (This is also why I recommend EVERY couple have an engagement session! Such good practice for your wedding day!!!) Anyway, this was definitely the case in Jerry and Kelly’s session! As I worked my way through their images, you could just see their personalities come out more and more as the evening went on! Kelly is absolutely radiant, and you can tell that these two are literally counting down the days until they get to say “I do.” Luckily, their wedding is only about a month away now!

The weather for Jerry and Kelly’s session was absolutely perfect, and the golden sun setting over the river downtown was magical! The weather has been cloudy my last few sessions (which is fine, cloudy is actually great for photos!), but I love that golden light when I can get it 🙂 It finally feels like spring is here for good! Enjoy some of these favorites from our downtown Columbus shoot, and keep an eye out for their wedding next month! 🙂

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