Preparing for a Double Header Weekend

The double header weekend. Two weddings in a row. Next to the extremely-rare TRIPLE header weekend, it can be one of the most exhausting scenarios for wedding photographers! I imagine this is what it feels like for a nurse who works two 12-hour shifts in a row, with nothing but a few hours of sleep in between. I’ve got my first of THREE double headers in the next month happening this weekend, and I know from experience last year that there are some strategies I have to put in place to make the weekend a success! If you’re about to experience your first double header, here are a few things to know…

1. Get organized.

In the few days leading up to your first weekend, get organized. Clear and organize all your SD cards, pack up your lenses, charge your batteries. Pick out what you’re going to wear, review the timelines for each day. Also, it may sound like overkill, but clean off your desk. You’re going to be exhausted and come back to a PILE of editing on Monday… and if you’re anything like me, you’re much more likely to feel calm, cool, and collected if the space around your computer is clean.

2. Take care of yourself.

Get plenty of sleep the night before, and the night in between. Your body will thank you by not getting nearly as sore! Stay hydrated (bring water bottles with you to carry in your bag or keep in your car), and don’t skip dinner at the reception on the first night. Even if you only end up with five minutes to sit down, eat as much as you can so you’re fueled for the next day!

3. Don’t get lazy when you get home!

When you get home from Wedding #1, you’re probably going to have to dump your cards so you can use them for Wedding #2. Go the extra mile to dump your images and sort them into folders. If you have time, try to cull through as many images as you can! I always do this immediately after a wedding and even though I feel like a zombie doing it, the day is super fresh in my mind and it’s easier to remember which shots happened when. This will be so helpful on Monday when you have TWO weddings to deal with instead of one!

Good luck to all my boss ladies (and guy bosses too!) who are conquering double-headers this weekend! You can do this! 🙂

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