Tim | 2017 Senior

My favorite part of every senior session is meeting them in person and learning about their passions. Some love sports, some love video games, others love music and theater. Some seniors spend a lot of time doing charitable work or supporting social justice causes. Other seniors are involved in their youth groups, school clubs, after-school jobs, and more. There is so much diversity out there! I love hearing what excites every individual, because it’s always something different. Even at such a young age, every senior has a story!

Tim’s story is no exception. A senior at Thomas Worthington, Tim is a skilled trombone player and loves Hamilton, hot chocolate, and Bipibop. From the very beginning, I told him that his personality reminds me of my little brother! He is a bright, friendly, and respectful young man with a great future  ahead of him. He plans on majoring in engineering in college, and I know he’ll excel in that! We shot his senior portraits at Creekside Gahanna and had a great time exploring the the area. He brought his trombone along, and I absolutely loved shooting his formal shots! Guys, if you have your senior portraits coming up, definitely consider bringing a suit along as one of your outfits. It might feel a little fancy as you’re pulling it out of your closet, but trust me– you’ll never look better. Enjoy these favorites from Tim’s senior session!



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