A Soft Blush Styled Engagement Session

Scioto Audubon Metro Park

I wasn’t planning to blog today, but then I remembered THESE images and just had to share!!! Earlier this fall, I had the pleasure of meeting this gorgeous lady. Laurisa lives and models in Portland and wanted to collaborate for a shoot during her visit to Columbus, so of course we chose a location with the skyline in the background! This was my first time shooting here and I am absolutely in love with this park– I actually went back for an engagement session shortly afterwards! The weather may have been chilly and wet, but that didn’t stop us. We shot right up until there was no light left in the sky, and had such a great time. She and her friend Mitchell (who graciously stepped in to play fiancé for the evening) even brought me a pumpkin doughnut from the pumpkin show in Circleville, and I can already tell you that I’ll be attending next year. So yummy!!!!

If you’re looking for some swoon-worthy images on this crisp fall evening, you’ve come to the right place! And brides, if you’re worried about rain on your wedding day, never fear! Because this can happen. 🙂

Huge shout-out to the amazing Columbus vendors who collaborated for this shoot!

Makeup | Make You 614

Hair | Beth Gibboney

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