Romantic Maryland Wedding in Shades of Blue

Jan + Daniel | Married

You know those people that everyone just adores? Those individuals who are just so kind, loyal, and thoughtful that there’s never a negative word to be said about them? Jan is one of those people, and she just happens to be one of my best friends. For nearly all four years of college, we spent entirely too much time together despite never living in the same dorm room, and not being in any of the same classes. We ate breakfast together before parting for our 8AM classes, and I would sit underneath the piano in her practice room and study while she practiced (like the immaculate piano major she was). She was a bridesmaid in my wedding shortly after graduation, and I’m so grateful to have been a bridesmaid in hers earlier this month.

But enough about me; this post is about Jan and the new (and forever) man in her life, Daniel. I first met Daniel in person the week of the wedding, though I had heard a lot about him. I knew he had to be a pretty special guy to marry Jan, and from the moment I saw them interact, I knew he was the perfect fit for her. They are practically perfect in every way; he is just as kind as she (who knew that was possible), and his even temperament keeps up with her when she’s feeling sassy. Daniel also has given Jan a plethora of jewelry that mostly feature butterflies, which if you know Jan at all, you know that butterflies are her absolute favorite. They were married at their home church, and had a simple reception with games set up at each table to entertain guests and skip all that awkward wedding small talk when you’re sitting at a table with people you don’t know. It was ingenious, and so them.

Jan’s delicate touch shone through on every aspect of their wedding day. Traditional in all the right ways, creative everywhere else, and classy throughout. I loved the shades of blue she chose for the bridesmaids, and the location we found for bride and groom portraits was absolutely gorgeous with the perfect sunset. And of course, I couldn’t finish this post without mentioning the incredible Hailey Rae Photography, who shot the ceremony and all the bridesmaids portraits when I was busy with my bridesmaid duties. Jan and Daniel, I couldn’t be happier for the two of you, and I wish you many many years of happiness (and visits to Columbus). 😉

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