Golden Hour Engagement Session at Jorgensen Farms Oak Grove

Kristie & Matt

Every relationship is a journey, and when I can portray the journey a couple has taken through their portraits, something magical happens. Let me be the first to tell you that something magical DEFINITELY happened with Kristie and Matt at their engagement session! They have been together a few years now, but their journey to find each other began a long time ago. Kristie works as a trauma nurse, and Matt has been flying as a military pilot for over a decade. Both are dedicated to careers of helping others, selfless and ready to serve. Their lives intertwined when Matt’s grandfather met Kristie in the hospital- he thought this sweet nurse would be the perfect match for his grandson, and his instincts were right. They marry next spring at Jorgensen Farms!

On the day of their engagement session, our first stop was Matt’s military base to take photos with some of the planes he flies! The sky was overcast from passing storms that had whipped through earlier in the day, and gave us the perfect soft light with the huge gray planes. It was fun to see Matt in his element, like we were sharing a little piece of his world. We then drove over a half hour to Jorgensen Farms Oak Grove, the exact location where their wedding will be in just a few months! Because of the clouds, I was a little worried that we would lose the light and I wouldn’t be able to get as many photos as I usually do- but God was smiling on us! The sun peeked out through the clouds for the most gorgeous golden sunset, and some of the images we captured are my favorites of all time! I’m so excited to capture their next chapter at such a beautiful and meaningful location.

Kristie and Matt, I loved spending the evening with you both and can’t wait for your wedding day! Enjoy some favorites from your engagement session 🙂

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