Fun & Whimsical Columbus Engagement Session at Highbanks Metro Park

Haley & Gus

We shot Haley & Gus’s engagement session in two parts, thanks to a wild quick-forming summer thunderstorm that rained out our first meeting together! Not to worry though- we embraced the rain and used the opportunity to schedule a second shoot later in the fall with another outfit in a completely different location. The results were amazing!

Every moment spent with Haley and Gus was a treasure. They are joyful, confident, care-free inividuals who are destined to be together. Their wedding was such a joy… but that’s a post for another day! For today, I’d like to focus on the perfect twirl of Haley’s dress through the crisp air as Gus spun her around… on the spritz on raindrops that misted through their hair as we rushed to take photos before the storm hit… and most of all, on the joyful smiles that light up ten times brighter when their eyes meet. Haley and Gus, you are a joy! Wishing you years upon years of happiness and adventures together.

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