2015 Holiday Mini Sessions

Happy Thanksgiving blog readers! Today’s post seems so appropriate because Thanksgiving is a time of food and fun, but most importantly, family. I was so blessed last week to take family pictures of some wonderful families who just ooze love and care for one another. A few of them had precious little ones celebrating their first ever Thanksgiving, and the joy that radiated from Mom and Dad was such a joy to capture! This Thanksgiving, focus on the people who matter most to you, who are more than likely the ones who will be seated around your table later today. Some families spend so much time fighting that they forget what a family is… the ones who will always be there for you, whom you can never get rid of, who were there in your best moments and in your worst. Show your family grace and love this Thanksgiving. Embrace joy, peace, and thankfulness. And of course, some pumpkin pie.

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