Lila & Jorge [A Red & Gold Evening Wedding | Franklin Park Conservatory]

The first time I met with Lila and her fiancé Jorge at the Franklin Park Conservatory, it was clear that they were in love. Not the cheap kind of love – the kind of love that says “You are my favorite person to be around,” the excitement of “This isn’t just a wedding… this is the start of our life together!” The soft stolen glances that say, “I can’t believe how blessed I am… this is the person I have been given to spend the rest of my days with?!”

I had heard amazing things about the Frankling Park Conservatory, but this was my first time shooting a wedding there! I guess when you move to a new city, every venue will be new for a while. It did not disappoint! The Palm House was covered in beautiful greenery, the yellow leaves covering the park outdoors painted the perfect fall scene, and the color-changing lights on the building cast a beautiful ambience over their nighttime ceremony.

Love. Joyous love covered the day from beginning to end. And not just love between Lila and Jorge, but the love that her family members, bridal party, and guests all shared. This wedding was so FUN! No drama, no selfishness, just pure celebration for Lila & Jorge’s marriage. Thank you to everyone who made this day special, and a HUGE thank you to Faith, my second shooter, who did everything I asked and more to help make this day a success. Enjoy some of my favorites from this magical day!

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