Kacey & Jose [Engaged | Indian Run Falls, Dublin]

If there’s one thing that stood out to me most about Kacey and Jose, it would have to be how much they LOVE being together. We started their engagement session at their cozy apartment home accompanied by their two cats, Squirt and Peanut! And from the moment they sat down on the couch and I pulled out my camera, the smiles radiated from their faces every time they looked at each other. It was pure magic! Of course there were the funny moments, like when Squirt attempted to steal the bag of catnip off the coffee table, but those were just icing on the cake. Those smiles! I can’t get over it.

I rarely see a person look at someone the way Jose looks at Kacey. It’s so obvious that she brings an incredible amount of joy into his life, and that she trusts him so deeply that she can’t help but to giggle and fall into his arms. We chose to finish their session at Indian Run Falls just a few minutes down the road from their apartment, a place that’s special to them because they journey there regularly just to spend time together. Their love is timeless, classic, and true. Kacey and Jose are a match made in heaven and I can’t wait for their May wedding! It’s going to be blush and gold, so you already know that I’m swooning just at the thought of it. 😉 Enjoy some of my favorites from their sweet winter engagement session!

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