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Happy February friends! Thanks to Valentine’s Day, this month is all about love and romance. The red hearts, the chocolate and roses, the champagne and rose petals. Unfortunately, if you’re single, all the Valentine’s Day hype can lead to loneliness, dissatisfaction, and even rebellion against all your dating/engaged/married friends. Who wants that?! This year, I want to remind you that LOVE doesn’t just have to be romantic– love is something that stands the test of time and can be expressed towards brothers, sisters, friends, and even strangers! We share love through encouragement, sacrificing our time or money to help one another, and lending grace and a listening ear when someone is hurting. I’ll be sharing a series of people that I love and admire, who deserve more credit than they may be given on a daily basis. Let’s go!

Meet Jessica! This wonderful lady is my sister-in-law and I’m so happy we’re related! Neither one of us grew up with any sisters, so as soon as Josh and I got married, we both came to the same realization… I HAVE A SISTER NOW! How cool is that?! At least, that was my realization. We don’t see each other very often because we live 600 miles away from each other, but when we do, all the sister-y things happen… we buy each other makeup and fancy coffee, go shopping together, talk about life, and borrow each other’s clothes. Or at least, I usually end up borrowing something from her because I always forget something. 😉
When I met Jessica, she was a nursing school hopeful with a 4.0. Today, she’s achieved her dream of becoming a nurse and maintained her 4.0 all the way through school. Talk about impressive! She has a lot of qualities that I’m working on building in myself, mainly that of self-discipline. Jessica does a LOT with her time– not only does she work full time at a high-stress job, but she also volunteers at her church, spends time with friends, and every time I see her she seems to be helping someone plan or design something… whether it be a bridal shower, project for church, etc. She’s incredibly organized, thoughtful, generous, and cares so much about people. During this last visit, she somehow (without even trying) motivated me to go to the gym consistently (which I’ve been doing, by the way, and it feels AMAZING), be more cautious with my money so that I can save more and buy something expensive if the opportunity arises, and wake up early most days to accomplish more. Those are all things that I try to do, but her consistency pushed me and told me that I can do it too!

Thanks for being an amazing sister-in-law Jess! Love you! 🙂

Are there people in your life who need encouragement, who work hard every day for little recognition? Have they impacted your life in a way they may be unaware of? Share the love and TELL them!!!

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