Share the Love: Lauren

Meet Lauren! She’s up next in February’s Share the Love blog series, where I throw a tribute to Valentine’s Day by talking about all the wonderful people in my life who deserve serious recognition. Lauren is one of those people who has a huge heart and has overcome a lot in her life! She’s marrying the man of her dreams in just a few short months, and her gorgeous face has pretty much been on this blog nonstop recently. (Check out the time she got ENGAGED on the beaches of Michigan, or she and Brad’s gorgeous engagement session!) She’s an avid little fashionista with an eye for makeup, purses, clothes, and beauty products that can make anyone look good if they’re willing to put themselves in her capable hands. (Since becoming friends with Lauren, I’ve started wearing winged eyeliner and using lotion consistently. If that tells you anything.)

But don’t let her girly, feminine exterior fool you! This girls is tough. She grew up riding horses and doing farm work, and doesn’t let people take her down no matter how hard they may try. She went to school to become a certified nanny after high school, moved to Columbus all by herself, and has nannied a sweet little girl named Lucy basically since birth. She’s dealt with the nonstop crying, temper tantrums, sickness, and all the other issues that mothers deal with and she’s done it like a champ. She works long hours and often comes home exhausted, but she gets up the next day and does it again. I don’t think I could do the job Lauren does! She was definitely cut out for it and it’s amazing!

Not only is Lauren an incredibly strong individual, she’s such a valuable friend to me! We’ve only known each other for a little over a year, but I know this girl so well that it feels like we’ve been friends forever. Lauren knows things about me that only a few people know, and is always willing to talk when I need someone to listen. We make fun of each other like sisters do, and can read each other’s mind with incredible accuracy. We talk about everything, from serious life topics to Peppa Pig (apparently the best TV show ever and I’m missing it), and I love every minute of our conversations.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Lauren darling! May this week be filled with love and heavily discounted Godiva chocolate. Also, as an extra present for her, everyone should go follow her on Instagram— she just started an account makeup and beauty and so far it’s been filled with smokey eyes and bath bombs from Lush (her favorite thing). Enjoy some shots of this gorgeous lady!

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