Share the Love: Missy

Welcome to week 2 of February’s Share the Love series! If you missed last week’s post, you can read it here. Basically, this series is about honoring just some of the people who I admire and who add an incredible wave of positivity into my life. There are so many people I could write about, and chances are, you also have people in your life that deserve a little encouragement!
Meet Missy. She is 23, but has seen a lot more of life than most people have at her age! She and her awesome husband got married right after high school, and they have two little boys who are one and three. Talk about a handful! (If you want to see her adorable kiddos, you can check out their family session HERE!) In addition to being a stay at home mommy and taking college classes online, Missy is pretty much an expert at all things homemaking. I don’t know if she would claim that for herself, but she’s leaps and bounds ahead of me! She’s basically a pro at sewing, baking, cleaning up toddler messes, etc. etc…

One of the things I love most about Missy is her willingness to try new things and serve others. Not a whole lot scares her, and she does whatever it takes to get the job done. She’s not a “yes” person in the sense that she always say yes simply because she has a hard time saying no; when she says yes, it’s out of a genuine love for people and desire to help them! She spent a good portion of her childhood years on a farm, so she is no stranger to hard work and thrives in that kind of environment. She organized a Homestead Mission at our church (along with a few other ladies) to provide fresh produce and fresh eggs for needy families in our area, and the excitement and passion they have is incredible! They will be planting the garden and raising chickens this spring, which is something that I can’t even imagine doing but they are running full steam ahead! It’s amazing! (If you’re interested in learning more about the homestead, they have a blog!)

I admire Missy because she does so many things I can’t even imagine doing. We are extremely different in our gifts and personalities, but we’re great friends because we share the same heart! (Also because we both shy away from dramatic people, but that’s a story for another day…) She’s so strong! She’s a wife, mommy, friend, student, homemaker, ministry leader, and more. She’s someone who pushes me to be better because she’s always pushing herself! Eat some chocolate in honor of me today, Missy. You deserve it!

OH! One more thing… did I mention she’s starting an Etsy shop?!? Go buy all her baby things and then follow her on Instagram!!! She’s got bibs, swaddles, and all sorts of other cutesy things on the way. Run run run!!!


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