A Journey Home | Virginia Road Trip

If you follow me regularly, you already know that I drove to VIRGINIA last week! I spent a grand total of four days down in my home state visiting with family, friends, and reminiscing about all the places I used to go. Driving through Richmond is funny now– the city is growing, and every time I come home there is something new! This trip, I found a new drive-through Starbucks right on the drive between school and home that would have been my downfall had it existed eight years ago. 😉

The people have changed too, but the changes are good! My best friend Amber has a baby now, and he’s grown a LOT in the past eight or nine months since I saw him last! He’s cuter than ever and likes to climb all over EVERYTHING. And out of our entire friend group from high school, every last one of us is married now. It’s crazy how time flies and people grow up, but you can still get back together with them and feel like nothing has changed. But instead of talking about music, celebrity crushes, and the latest gossip, you talk about careers, kids, and what it’s like to be married. Instead of hanging out at the mall, you get manicures… which for me, was the third or fourth manicure I’ve had. Ever. (I’m kind of obsessed with gel polish now… a French mani that lasts for weeks? Yes please!)

I book-ended my trip with two stops in Charlottesville, home to my little brother and his bride-to-be! The first was a late-night IHOP stop for pancakes and catching up on my way into town, and the other was a trek around Charlottesville’s downtown Mall with a pit stop at their wedding venue!!! I fell in love with the old charm, the brick and cobblestone streets, and the delicious food and coffee waiting on every corner. We also passed a few of those people who blindfold themselves and stand in a public place with their arms outstretched, waiting of strangers to hug them… apparently they are out there regularly. I felt like I had stepped into the Internet.

The main reason for my trip was to capture the wedding of a dear friend, but you’ll see all about that in the coming days… I’m spending part of today working on their wedding pictures and I can’t wait to share them on the blog soon!!! In the meantime, enjoy some other shots from my Virginia visit! While I’ve really come to love Ohio and feel at home here, I think Virginia will always be “home” in my heart.

I’m the crazy Aunt Michelle to this little goober… love him so much!!!

Coffee and donuts? Yes please.

Mom had never been to Sweet Frog for fro-yo… we had to fix this!

The wedding venue!!!

If you look closely, you can see the people waiting expectantly for hugs…

Thanks for always being beautiful Virginia!

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