Sandra + Dave

 A Coral and Taupe Wedding at Wellesley in Richmond, VA

It’s finally here! The first wedding of the 2016 season, and the first ever Michelle Joy bride since I launched my new brand in January. I was a little nervous before shooting this wedding since it was my first in almost three months, but instead it just made me so excited for this year!

Sandra and Dave are such a perfect couple. They met at church when he singled her out at choir practice and thought to himself, “I need to meet her.” Unfortunately for Dave, Sandra was out of town the following two weeks and thought he had missed his chance. But then, the following Sunday… there she was! Her radiant smile, bright eyes, and contagious laugh drew him in… and before they knew it, they were a couple. Two and a half years later, they made the vows that will tie them together for the rest of their lives. His charm and wit makes her laugh every time she looks into his eyes. They are perfect!

I can’t let you move on without telling you a little more about Sandra… because I call her “Mama.” She’s known me since I was about nine years old, and has been opening her home to me and so many other “honorary daughters” for years. Her daughter Katie and I were best friends all throughout middle & high school, and I spent so much time at their house that it seemed natural that her Mama could be my Mama too. Mama’s house was always the place to be for pool parties, sleepovers, breakfasts, dinners, and study sessions. My mom even let me spend the night there on a school night because we were studying late into the night for our final exams! Talk about commitment and trust.

Over the past several years, I’ve seen Mama stay strong through life transitions and heart-wrenching family events. She raised both of her daughters to become strong, beautiful women, and in a sense, she’s raised us honorary daughters too. She’s attended all of our weddings (she drove from Virginia to Ohio for mine!!) and is always waiting at the door with open arms for a warm hug. We love you Mama and are so happy for you! Dave, you’ve managed to snag the most beautiful lady you could ever find, and know that you will cherish her deeply. (Because if you ever didn’t, she’s got an army of daughters who would be coming after you.) 😉 Congratulations Sandra and Dave!!!

Sandra’s father passed away recently, so she had his class ring resized to fit her so she could wear it at the ceremony and carry a piece of him with her. I love this amazing sentiment  for her “something old.” How special!

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