Torres & Dylan | 2016 Seniors

Dylan and Torres are twin brother and sister both graduating from Dublin Scioto high school this year. They were my first ever *twin* seniors to photograph, and they made the session so much fun! We were able to take the majority of their images in and around their neighborhood, which made it easy for one to run back to the house and change clothes while I photographed the other! Some of their neighbors have the more picturesque backyards I’ve ever seen, which made it extra fun to explore- with their permission, of course ;).

After a few outfits at the house, both Dylan and Torres changed into their last outfit and we traveled to Old Dublin. Dylan preferred more of an architectural look than the flowers and gardens we used for Torre, so the variety of buildings, wooden doors, and other features made Dublin the perfect location! Their mom met us there with Starbucks at the very end, which if you know me, is something I always appreciate!

Hanging out with these two was like hanging out with old friends. We have a lot in common, including a few mutual church friends and love for Starbucks, so we never ran out of things to talk about! Torres plans to major in biochemistry at Grove City College this fall, which is close to my biology-loving heart (I actually loved my biochemistry class in college… is that weird?!), and Dylan plays volleyball which was definitely my favorite high school sport (and also the only one I was decently talented at). Not only that, but Torre and Dylan are best friends. They don’t fight like a lot of siblings do- they really enjoy being around each other and have the unrivaled ability to make each other laugh. Both of them are such kindhearted and strong individuals, and when they’re together they make each other stronger. I know they will do amazing things in the future!! Congratulations on finally reaching graduation, you guys. Enjoy the celebration!!!

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