Alycia + Kris | Engaged

Laid-Back Natural Engagement Session at Hoover Dam Park in Westerville

The day of Alycia and Kris’ engagement session, the forecast looked downright ominous. Bad storms were scheduled to hit around six o’clock and remain for the rest of the evening, right when we were scheduled to start! The two of them weren’t too excited about entertaining rain for their session, and the bubble umbrellas I had ordered that week hadn’t arrived yet! Normally we would have rescheduled, no big deal– but Alycia and Kris are getting married in three weeks!! Between Kris’ work schedule and my wedding and travel schedule, an alternate date was nowhere to be found. So, we went for it.

And I’m SO glad we did!!!

Alycia and Kris arrived with their two little girls as planned for a few shots of the whole family at the start of the session. And then, we were off! Alycia changed from her dress into jeans right on top of the bridge over the Hoover Dam, and we moved to a few different locations all while trying not to venture too far from the parking lot in case of a sudden downpour. Normally I allot two hours for an engagement session, but these two rocked it out and we were completely done in just over an hour right as the raindrops started to fall! I even had time to squeeze in a few ring shots at the very end!
Needless to say, I am so excited for their wedding in just a few short weeks. These two have been together for a while, and the level of comfort they show around each other is incredible. Alycia’s beautiful blue eyes pierce through the camera with such sincerity, and you can tell that Kris puts her at ease immediately. They move fluidly and naturally together and I can’t wait to capture the day where they become man and wife! Enjoy these favorites from their engagement session, and you’ll be seeing them again soon!!!

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