A Golden Hour Engagement Session at Cox Arboretum

Meredith + Zach

Zach and Meredith have to be one of the most down-to-earth, fun couples I’ve worked with in a while. Zach’s older sister Jerica is one of my closest friends (we were even bridesmaids in each other’s weddings!), so Zach and I go way back. I remember telling him that he should go to college at Cedarville and join the honors program, because I loved it so much when I was a part of it. So that’s what he did! And that’s where he first saw Meredith.

My first time officially meeting Meredith was just a few short months ago, but it’s so apparent to me that she is the perfect match for Zach! They are both brilliant and practical on the outside, but totally goofy and clever when you dig a little bit deeper. They both have soft hearts and are so in love with each other. Zach is in Cedarville’s pharmacy program and Meredith is pursuing a nursing degree, and you can already see that they are going to be immensely successful!

The best part of their engagement session at Cox Arboretum was hearing about all the sentimental memories that have taken place there! Not only did Zach’s sister Jerica have her wedding there just last year, but Zach and Meredith shared their first kiss in the overlook tower, and Zach proposed at the gazebo you see in some of the images towards the end of their session! Cox is a gorgeous place for photos regardless, but the memories these two have there made their session so special! I loved walking with them and hearing the stories of their adventures.

Zach and Meredith, I had so much fun at your session and can’t wait for your wedding this winter!!! Enjoy some favorites from this gorgeous golden hour session and this absolutely amazing couple 🙂

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