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Olga + Tim | Married

The first time I met Olga and Tim was the morning of their wedding day. They live on the west coast, so even though Olga and I had talked on the phone several times, we never saw each other face to face until the day she said I do! Not that it mattered, because from the very beginning, Olga is exactly who she claims to be– bouncy, excited, passionate, and caring, and was so excited to marry Tim. She lit up the room like a supermodel from head to toe for the entire day, and was so much fun to be around! And when I met Tim a few minutes later, he was exactly who I pictured to be with her.

Olga and Tim met when they were students at Ohio State, but not in class or through mutual friends like you might expect. They met on a dare, when Olga’s friends spotted a guy across the cafeteria that was handsome and actually tall enough for the beautiful Russian girl with the Barbie-doll figure. They dared her to walk up to him and ask for his number… and the rest was history. They have been together now for eight years through thick and thin, and got engaged in Russia. How romantic is that?!  These two are passionate and live life to the fullest; both are professionals in the medical field and love taking adventures together. Tim is quieter than Olga on the outside, but his eyes shine when he looks at her, and she is so full of life that you can’t help but think they are the perfect compliment to each other. Olga has a deep respect for Tim that revealed itself when she told me what she loves most about him…

Tim carries the torch of always trying. Even after the worst fights, I know that he will wake up the next day and he will try. Even if my request of him was unreasonable, if I asked him to give me the sun, I know that the next day, he’d be building a mountain to it. To me, this pursuit of attaining not just his own happiness but mine too, has always meant everything to me. If someone asked me what single thing makes me believe we’ll last, it’s the fact that Tim refuses to stop trying.

Are you teary yet? Their wonderful wedding was one of the most joyful events I have ever experienced and I’m so blessed to have been a part of it. The family, bridal party, friends, and other guests just beamed with love and were there for just one reason; to celebrate the bride and the groom. Many had traveled from halfway around the world to be there, and it was so amazing to watch cultures mix and turn what would have just been a wedding reception into an amazing evening full of joy and tradition! So without further ado… let’s re-live the celebration just one more time. Enjoy these favorite images from an amazing day!

Brilliant Bridal

Bridesmaids Dresses | Etsy

Bridal Makeup | Hey Pretty!

Bridal Hair | Kassy Nedved

Menswear | Mens Wearhouse

Florals | Whole Foods

Catering | Catering by Scott

DJ | Diamond Entertainment by Tommy Nutter

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