Twenty-five Things I’ve Learned in Twenty-Five Years

Now that I’ve got a quarter-century of life under my belt, I think I’ve learned some things. Some serious, some lighthearted, some about myself, and some about other people. Here are twenty-five things I’ve learned in my twenty-five years! 🙂

1. No one can motivate me to do anything but me, and I can do anything I put my mind to. I have control over my actions, and to pretend otherwise is (99% of the time) just an excuse.

2. Every person lives life looking through a different set of eyes. Our personalities, our experiences, our values are all unique, with no one’s vision more valuable than another.

3. Second-hand is the BEST way to buy clothes. Name brands and current trends for Target clearance rack prices– that’s something I can get behind.

4. I love all things cake, but my grandmother’s interpretation of a Boston Cream Pie (yellow cake with yellow pudding in the center and chocolate ganache on top) will always be my favorite.

5. No one can motivate me to do anything but me. I have control over my actions, and to pretend otherwise is (99% of the time) just an excuse.

6. I love doing my hair and makeup. Not in an insecure way that demands I get dolled up just to leave the house, but in a this-is-fun-to-play-with-and-i-really-like-the-ability-to-change-the-way-i-look-to-match-how-i-feel sort of way.

7. Every individual is equally valuable in the eyes of God, and every individual has something to offer that I do not. No matter their ethnicity, background, religion, social status, or hometown– God loves them. And I am to love them too.

8. The time of the day when I’m most productive and most relaxed is early morning.

9. College is important. Even though I’m not currently “using my degree,” those four years at college shaped me in such huge ways and pushed me to mature into an adult. College taught me to consider their views of those different from me, and that it’s okay to ask questions. I don’t think I would be the person I am today without it.

10. I love anything that has to do with water. Swimming, canoeing, kayaking, boating, tubing, or just hanging out on the beach. I love it all.

11. Debt is not a tool to be used to accumulate more stuff, even though that’s what our entire culture of banks and credit card companies would have us believe. Thank you Dave Ramsey for pointing that out.

12. Nothing meaningful or lasting can be accomplished without hard work. There’s no easy way, quick fix, or shortcut that can yield the same results as dedicated hard work.

13. Coffee is the best. The bitterness combined with a rich flavor sometimes complimented by cream or a sweet dessert… excuse me. I’m going to go make myself a cup.

14. Okay, I’m back. I’ve also learned not to drink too much coffee, because then you’ll become addicted and live in misery when there’s no coffee to be found. I don’t have time for that!

15. Brownies and Godiva cheesecake are life. They also go perfectly with coffee.

16. I’m awful at gardening, planting flowers, landscaping… all of it. Plants are not my cup of tea.

17. If you’re looking to be sanctified and become a better person… just get married. No one helps you see your biggest flaws and areas of weakness more effectively than a spouse.

18. There are two sides to every story. Listening to both before making a judgment is worth your time.

19. I clean best when I’m listening to music blaring through the house. It keeps my mind occupied, but doesn’t distract me like a TV show would.

20. It’s okay to treat yourself without feeling guilty about it. As long as it’s actually a treat, not something that you give in to every single day.

21. Growth only happens when we extend ourselves outside our comfort zone.

22. Nail polish isn’t worth my time because it chips off within 24 hours every. single. time. Even the expensive stuff. Maybe I’m doing it wrong. Maybe I just run into things with my hands a lot. But either way, it’s a rare day when you see me with polish on my fingers.

23. Learn from those who are smarter than you, those who have done life longer than you, who have experienced more than you. They will tell you mistakes that they made and help you navigate life more wisely.

24. Don’t hang around “friends” who discourage you, gossip about others, or turn you into a negative person. They are not worth your time. Surround yourself with encouragers, people who build you up, who will laugh with you when life is good and weep with you when life is hard.

25. My life has not turned out the way I “planned.” As it turns out, almost no one’s life does. But I wouldn’t change it for the world.

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