Tennessee Vacation: Part 1

Last week, Josh and I took a last minute trip to meet his family in Tennessee. The cicadas loudly chirping in the trees, the humid weather, and the abundance of trees and green things reminded me of back home in Virginia. It was just the break we needed, and so good to see family again.

My favorite part of the trip was definitely our lake day. We rented a boat and a jet ski for the afternoon, but as soon as we got to the marina, the heavens greeted us with a huge thunderstorm! We hustled to get under cover, and instead of eating lunch on the lake, we ate inside the empty marina restaurant that’s only open on weekends this time of year. It was perfect! We listened to the rain clatter on the tin roof over barbecue sandwiches and watermelon, and fed bread to the turtles and fish swimming next to the dock. Once the storm cleared, it was go time! The ten of us spent the afternoon tubing and cruising around the lake, laughing, chatting, and enjoying the gorgeous outdoors.

We never went to the lake growing up; it was always a special occasion when a friend with a boat happened to invite me to go. But now that I’ve reached adulthood, I would love to own a boat and a lake house. I love the water, the openness, the wind, baking in the sun with cool water only a few feet away. Everything about it soothes my soul and makes me feel so alive! I’ll be sharing more about our trip later, but I couldn’t wait to re-live the day at the lake. Next time you’re looking for a vacation spot, I’d highly recommend it!

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