A Classic Whimsical Downtown Columbus Engagement Session

Chelsea + Dennis | Engaged

Where do I even begin with Chelsea and Dennis? Their impeccable style combined with the golden sunrise made their e-shoot in downtown Columbus an absolute dream. We woke up before the sun this past Saturday so we could shoot at the Columbus Commons carousel before the park was flooded with people, and what a good decision that was! Any couple who can look this fresh and awake before 7 AM wins major props in my book, and they even brought giant balloons and ice cream cones with sprinkles! We moved from the Commons to Schiller Park and ended the morning next to a beautiful brick area in German Village, and I was so energized by the time the shoot ended. These two are just so perfect together!

Chelsea and Dennis care about each other in such a deep and sweet way. They are both creative, fun-loving, and easy-going and bring a spark that follows them through life. We realized that we live probably five minutes away from each other, and spent time talking about the area and joking about our neighborhoods. We also found out that Chelsea is cousins with one of my friends from church! It’s crazy how worlds collide! In all seriousness, these two are stunning and I’m so excited for their wedding in just a few short months. They have a zest for life and serve each other without complaint, and were totally willing to do anything I asked. They trust one another and are confident in themselves and in each other. I have no doubt they will continue to cherish each other as husband and wife! Enjoy these favorites from their gorgeous sunrise engagement session 🙂

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