Our Trip to Ireland!!!

see their Ireland anniversary portraits here!!), and had an amazing time. There was so much to see and do, from touring medieval castles (you’ll see a lot of pictures of those; they are incredible!!!), to the shops (Irish coffee shops are the best), and finally eating all the amazing Irish food. Every day was jam-packed and we loved every minute!

Some memory highlights would definitely include…

  • Our tour of the Guinness brewery in downtown Dublin
  • Spending an entire day driving around a peninsula on the western coast (stopping whenever we felt like it for beaches + delicious food)
  • Exploring every last block of the adorable towns we stayed in
  • Josh’s birthday dinner at an incredibly amazing Irish/Italian/something-like-that restaurant where we arrived WAY underdressed… but they seated us anyway
  • Playing cards with Cari and Bernie every night while drinking pots of tea

We also bookended our Ireland trip with two days in New York City, and got to see a monologue rehearsal for Seth Meyers at NBC studios! If you get the chance to go to Ireland, I would highly highly recommend it and we will definitely be back. Just be prepared to do all the normal European things like drive on the left side of the road, pay in Euros, drink espresso, and be all-around witty and wonderful people. Here are some of my favorite images from our trip!

Castle #1!

Just a Jedi and his horse.

Castle #3! Just kidding; it’s a church, but how beautiful is that!!

The real castle #3. This one was commissioned by King John (yes, the one from Robin Hood)!

And finally, back in the USA in NYC. Couldn’t ask for a better trip!!!

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