Our Anniversary Portraits in the Arizona Desert

You didn’t think I’d let a trip to the desert happen without getting OUR photos taken, did you?!

I know, I know… our wedding anniversary is in September, not April. However, I’m of the strong opinion that while periodic photos of our relationship are super important (I love seeing how we’ve changed!!), it’s just as fun to remember the places we’ve visited together. Josh and I love to travel, so every time we travel to a new destination, we make sure we get some updated portraits together!

You probably saw the photos I took of Janelle and Brent during our recent trip to Arizona. What I didn’t tell you is that Janelle took a few photos of us too! She’s a Nikon user, so it took a minute for her to figure out how to focus on my Canon mark iii (photographers, you know what I mean… all the buttons are in the wrong place!), but I was so thankful for the photos she grabbed! We’re in a season of growth and these memories are so special to us. Not to mention… we LOVE the desert! Here are a few of my favorites!

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