Soft & Romantic Anniversary Session in the Arizona Desert

Even though I grew up on the east coast in Virginia and I love our Ohio home, shooting in the desert is magical to me. Maybe it’s just because the landscape is so different from what I’m used to, but I can’t get enough! Photographing a wedding in Arizona is basically my dream! The light is dreamy, the sun is warm, and the cacti are painful to back into… but two out of three isn’t bad. 😉

We also love Arizona because we’re making awesome friends here! Last year we met up with Erica & Jon, an amazing husband-and-wife photography team who are killing it with their transition into brand photography. This year, we met Janelle and her husband Brent. Janelle has been a photographer for years, and now she owns a thriving photo editing company along with being an amazing mom to her sweet girls. (Photographers, if you’re thinking about hiring an editor to help with your workload, I highly recommend Janelle Joy and her team! They are awesome!)

Janelle told us it had been a while since she and her husband had been in front of the camera without their kiddos, so off to the desert we went! I loved her blush dress with the beaded overlay, and Arizona Florations put together a gorgeous bouquet for us. The weather was slightly overcast when we arrived, but right before the sun dipped below the mountains, it came out for a few glorious minutes of sunset glow! I’d do this again any day 😉 Janelle and Brent, thanks for adventuring with us- we had so much fun!

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