The Refined Second Shooter Shop Launch!

For the last four years, I’ve been learning, growing, and refining my skills as a wedding photographer. I remember what it felt like to want to serve my couples well, but secretly feeling inadequate. I read blog after blog on topics like lighting, posing, and shooting in manual mode.

Today, although I am still constantly learning and growing, I want to give back. My friend Kelsie and I started the Refined Second Shooter workshop series for new wedding photographers, and now we’ve expanded to an online shop! We’re not sure (yet) when the next workshop will be, but now you don’t have to wait… we have resources you can get your hands on right now!!! YAY!!!

Manual Mode Guide: This guide is the amateur photographer’s tool to move from Auto or Portrait mode to shooting confidently in full manual mode. We explain the different between shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. You’ll learn how these settings affect your final image, and which one to change in which scenario! 

How to Shoot in Manual Mode

Mini-Guides: We have four mini guides currently available in the shop, and they are my FAVORITE items! Once you’re able to shoot in manual mode, the next step is to bring your wedding images up to the next level. Our mini guides cover shooting bridal details, getting ready, reception details, and flattering bride and groom portraits! These mini guides are super affordable, and you can buy them individually or save even more cash by grabbing all four in a bundle.

How to Be a Wedding Photographer

Free Downloads: And of course, we have free stuff too! You can find tips on building your business when you don’t have any sessions or weddings on the books, which gear to invest in, and how to prepare for second shooting a wedding for the first time. And it’s all FREE!

Click here to check out the shop and start growing your business!

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