Romantic Engagement Session at Wegerzyn Gardens | Dayton OH

Kayla + Nicholas

There are so many wonderful adjectives I could use to describe Kayla and Nicholas… but the three than resound in my mind most loudly are sweet, strong, and inspiring. I’d had the opportunity to meet both of them before (they were both in the bridal party at Katie and Daniel’s wedding last year!), but this was the first time we sat down and I got to know them personally and as a couple.

My past groom Daniel actually had a hand in getting them together, and I can see what he was thinking… Kayla and Nicholas are absolutely perfect for one another! They both work in the medical field; Kayla is an ER nurse who loves her job and can think of doing nothing else, and Nicholas works as a lab tech and loved explaining how he appreciates his role in giving people either the good news they’d hoped for, or being able to catch a problem early enough to solve it. They both have such an appreciation for life and care for others above themselves, traits that will only serve them in their marriage.

Speaking of marriage… they are getting married in the middle of Ohio winter, and when I asked them why, they laughed and said it was the earliest date that all their families could get together. Now that, my friends, is prioritizing your marriage over your wedding and I’m all about it! I have no doubt that every detail is going to be beautiful. Right now they are living the long distance life with Nicholas working in Minnesota and Kayla in Ohio, so I know they’re counting down the days until they become husband and wife. With smiles and love like this, I’m counting down too 🙂 Enjoy these favorites of Kayla and Nicholas!