Coral Summer Wedding at Wedgewood Golf & Country Club

Kendra & Shane | 8.4.18

If I had to choose one word to describe Kendra and Shane’s wedding day, it would be joyful. The bright coral of the bridesmaids dresses had nothing on Kendra’s beaming smile, and from the moment her mother fastened the last button on her stunning strapless gown, Kendra lit up the entire place like the sun. Every eye was drawn to her, and it was all tears of joy from that moment on. She was absolutely glowing, and not even the August heat could keep her down! The moment had finally arrived.

No one was more excited to see Kendra than Shane. As she walked down the hill towards the aisle resting on her father’s arm, towards the man she loved, every family member had a huge smile on their face… but no one’s expression could compare to the joy in Shane’s eyes. They exchanged vows and rings, and spent their first moments as husband and wife cooling off in the shade of nearby evergreen trees as friends and family swarmed over with hugs and congratulations, again, full of so much joy. We powered through the rest of their portraits (without one complaint about the heat- they were SUCH troopers!!) and then it was party time 🙂

It’s hard to choose a favorite moment of a wedding day when you spend the entire time smiling from ear to ear. But perhaps the most memorable was the speech given by Kendra’s sister Katie. What started as a heart-warming traditional toast ended in a full-on rap/singalong that had everyone in the room clapping and cheering. It was amazing and was the perfect expression of how special Kendra and Shane are to have such wonderful people in their life! Kendra and Shane, it was a privilege to be a part of your wedding day and your bond is something so special to witness. Enjoy these favorites from your very best day!!!

Venue | Wedgewood Golf & Country Club

Florist | Flowerman Columbus

Bridal Gown | David’s Bridal

Bridesmaids Dresses | David’s Bridal

Menswear | Men’s Wearhouse

Bridal Hair & Makeup | Jyl Clouse

DJ | Dustin from Josh Staley Productions