5 Hacks to a Better Monday

If you’re like me, you may sometimes have a love-hate relationship with Monday. Personally, I often start Monday morning with excitement about the tasks coming up… for example, I was really excited to wake up and write this blog post! However, not every week is like this and especially if you’re in a tough job situation, heading to work on Monday can be a miserable experience.

No matter your current Monday routine, I have a few hacks to destress and make Monday into an experience you enjoy… maybe even your favorite day of the week 😉

  1. Clean Your House – and no, I don’t mean on Monday! These first few hacks start the day before. Take an hour on Sunday to clean up so that Monday is a fresh start. You won’t be adding to an already-tall pile of dishes when you grab your morning breakfast, and your bathroom counter will be clear when you do your hair and makeup. This little items add more stress than we realize, so take care of it Sunday night to set yourself up for a stress-free Monday!
  2. Fill In Your Calendar. Back in college, I was a religious planner user. I had colored pens and would write EVERYTHING on it- from appointments, to goals, to how I would spend my free time in between classes. I’ve recently re-entered the world of paper planners and I LOVE IT. My planner is from Horacio Printing and not only is it filled with encouraging quotes, but there are sections to fill out “weekly intentions” and “weekly goals.” I take time every weekend to brain-dump all my ideas onto paper. Am I stressed about a busy week ahead, or a very long to-do list? Just the act of putting it on paper makes me feel SO much more in control and mentally prepared! You don’t have to get a fancy planner like me, but just writing our your schedule for the week will improve your mental clarity heading into the new week.
  3. Get Enough Sleep Sunday Night. For me there’s nothing worse than going to bed wayyyy too late on Sunday night, because my last thought before bed is something like this, “I have to wake up in __ hours, oh noooo.” That’s not a way to start a positive week, plus this hack is essential to follow to get the most out for hacks #4 and #5! Go to bed early on Sunday and make sure you take care of your body by giving it enough rest.
  4. Make Monday Morning Special. Are Monday mornings just the WORST for you?! Find a way to make them special! Stop at Starbucks on your way to work and start the day with your favorite latte (if you’re me, it’s a triple grande 2-pump cinnamon dolce latte with whole milk. I know, I’m extra). Get up a few minutes early to make your favorite breakfast at home, or to spend a few extra minutes snuggling your babe or hanging out with your kids before they head to school. Take a few minutes to yourself to drink your favorite hot beverage and journal. You do you… but find a way to jazz up that Monday morning!
  5. Have Something To Look Forward To. I absolutely love the idea of making Monday nights into a relaxing, fun night to give myself something to look forward to after the workday is done. Start a routine for yourself… maybe it’s taking a bath and watch the Bachelor. Maybe it’s moving date night from Friday night to Monday night. Maybe you love a specific workout class, like yoga or Zumba (do people still Zumba??). Go to one on Monday night! Schedule a weekly phone date with your best friend who you don’t talk with as much as you want. Whatever you choose to add to your Monday night, you’ll go to bed feeling refreshed, relaxed, and like you can conquer the world.

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