My Travel Bucket List

Maybe I’m the only one… but even though I cherish the days where I can stay home in my office with a cozy sweatshirt and an unlimited supply of coffee, I absolutely love to travel. As a kid, I lived in Virginia- a dreamy land filled with with just enough southern charm, close proximity to mountains and ocean, and the perfect combination of tree pollen and mosquitoes to ensure allergy medicine was a part of my daily routine. (But literally, that was the ONLY downside!) I moved to Ohio to attend college, met Josh there, and we ended up settling just outside Columbus. And while I love our home and the friends we’ve made here in the midwest… my love for beautiful landscapes has given me a travel bug that just refuses to quit.

As an east coast kid, I had visited New York, Florida, and nearly everywhere in between by my tenth birthday. We went on at least one beach vacation every year, and when we weren’t visiting the ocean, we were camping in the Shenandoah mountains just a few hours from our home. And since graduating college and traveling on my own, I’ve made my first trips out west! The huge snow-capped mountains of Colorado, the breathtaking desert landscape of Arizona, and the lush green of the Pacific Northwest have all been destinations of mine over the past few years. And every time, I swear that this location is better than the last, and I never want to leave.

I was originally going to title this post “My Favorite Places to Travel” …but for real ya’ll, I can’t decide!!! So instead, I want to highly recommend the places I’ve already gone, show you some of my favorite photos, and then give you my travel bucket list. If you’ve been to any of these places, or if you live there, vacationing there, getting married there… let me know! Destination weddings and engagements are my jam!!!

  1. California
  2. Greece
  3. Iceland
  4. Maine

And finally, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to shoot a wedding in any of the above locations or…

  1. Arizona (the desert is my weakness and I’m obsessed)
  2. Cancun (or any similar tropical beach setting, including Florida… AHH!)
  3. Europe (I’m flexible, take me anywhere)

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