Elegant Wedding with Navy, Gold & Greenery | Kansas City

Jessica + Jordan | Married

Confession time: this wedding is SO special to me because the bride is my very own sister-in-law! Josh and I traveled to Kansas City earlier this month to spend the fourth of July with family, and then to marry off his little sister. I pulled double duty in this wedding (photographer AND bridesmaid!!), and Josh ran sound for the ceremony and DJ’d the entire evening, and we didn’t hold anything back. A lot of people asked us, wouldn’t you rather just relax and enjoy the wedding instead of work the whole time? The honest answer is no, because this way, we got to make sure that Jessica and Jordan had the wedding of their dreams, and we were able to be closely involved with the whole process! I couldn’t ask for anything more than to be with my sister during these precious moments. Their precious first look where they couldn’t stop smiling at one another, their portraits where Jordan held her close, and their first dance. I got to watch the special moments up close through my lens as family members (my family members) teared up, smiled from ear to ear, and embraced one another. It was just perfect.

If you’re reading this and know anything about Jessica, you wouldn’t expect anything but the classiest of affairs. She’s not the type of girl to gush over extravagance, but she strives for nothing less than classic elegance when it comes to taste. Every detail of her wedding echoed her and Jordan’s personalities, right down to the hand-folded origami roses in her bouquet and cranes that adorned the centerpieces (each handcrafted by Jordan). It was a dream to photograph! But even more wonderful than the decor was the couple themselves. Jessica is one of the sweetest, most loyal, beautiful girls I’ve ever known and I’m so happy to call her my sister! We both grew up with only brothers, so we immediately connected once Josh and I got married! And she found an absolute perfect match in Jordan. Calculating and intentional, he cares for her at such a deep level where some guys would only scratch the surface. He just gets her. And she gets him. They are committed to the core, and I can’t wait to see where God leads them!

I know you’re probably dying to keep scrolling and start looking at the images… trust me, I would be! But I couldn’t conclude without a special thanks to Lacey Rene Studios! I found Lacey on Instagram and we met in person for the first time just a few days before the wedding, because of course as a bridesmaid, I needed a reliable second shooter to capture all the moments that I couldn’t! Lacey is such a sweetheart and was the absolute perfect fit. If you’re in Kansas City and are looking for a local photographer to capture some portraits for you, look her up. She is incredible, and I couldn’t have told Jessica and Jordan’s story properly without her. And now without further ado… here are entirely way too many favorites from Jessica and Jordan’s wedding day 🙂

Jessica grew up dancing ballet, and you can totally tell in the way she twirls! 🙂

A coordinated Wobble from all the Staley guys (plus Jordan)… flash-mob style. Definitely the highlight of the evening!

Ceremony Venue | Red Bridge Baptist Church

Reception Venue | Uptown Theater

Florist | Hy-Vee Floral

Photo Booth | Josh Staley Productions

Second Photographer | Lacey Rene Studios

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