How to Choose Your Perfect Bridal Bouquet

The Importance of the Bridal Bouquet + Inspiration

Hello beautiful bride-to-to!!! You may be thinking, an entire blog post dedicated to my bouquet? Really?

Really! The bridal bouquet is the most important floral arrangement you’ll invest in for your wedding day, and here’s why! When the wedding day has come and gone, you’ll come home with with a new husband and your wedding images, and your bridal bouquet appears in more images than any other floral arrangement. It finds its way into your bridal portraits, bridal party, bride & groom, ceremony, and more! I’ll use your bridal bouquet to style with your other bridal details, and you can repurpose it as decor for the head table or other location during the reception. Flowers can quickly become a lofty expense when it comes to your wedding budget, so if you’re looking for the place to invest, your bridal bouquet should be the winner. You won’t be sorry!

The sky is the limit when it comes to your bridal bouquet… so many different styles and looks exist out there, and a great florist will be able to design your dream bouquet to perfectly match your wedding dress and overall feel for your big day! Do you love a more whimsical and free-flowing garden style bouquet? Or maybe you’re more of a classic bride, and you want the traditional rounded shape. Personally, my favorite bridal bouquets are a crescent shape, filled with gorgeous delicate (and sometimes fluffy) flowers with just enough greenery intermixed to break up the color. You’ll see some examples below… so stunning!!!

Here’s some inspiration to get you started, but talk with your florist about your vision and they will bring it to life! They know exactly which blooms will be in season on your wedding day, and the best choices to thrive in the expected weather conditions. If you’re one of my upcoming brides, I can’t wait to see what you come up with! 🙂

This first bouquet is by Madison House Designs from our workshop styled shoot at the Ohio Statehouse! I love how even though she used a lot of deep cranberry colors and dark greenery, the shape and use of lighter colors prevent it from looking too heavy.

My jaw dropped when I walked into Kelly’s bridal suite and saw these bouquets lined up by the window! Blooms by Amanda absolutely killed it, and I’m in love with the unexpected way these colors work together. To be completely honest, when Kelly listed “purple, pink and orange” as her wedding colors in her wedding questionnaire, I couldn’t quite picture it… but come on, HOW STUNNING ARE THESE!!! They are some of my favorite bouquets of all time!!!

I took this next photo when I second shot for Stephanie Kase Photography at the Estate at New Albany! Kimberly’s bridal bouquet by It’s Your Day Weddings & Events was absolutely beautiful. I love the use of texture and different shades of red and pink to add interest!

Abby’s bridal bouquet by Kaylnn Bradley perfectly matched the style of her wedding gown. It was simple and elegant, and I can’t imagine her choosing anything else. This proves that breathtaking bouquets don’t have to be flashy… sometimes understated is best!

Chasidi and her bouquet by Kiefer Florist actually inspired this blog post! While chatting about flowers over coffee, and I recommended she splurge on her bridal bouquet because of the amount it would be photographed. She took my advice and goodness, did they deliver! Chasidi told me afterwards that she loved her bouquet and couldn’t stop looking at it, and was so happy with her decision to invest. I’m just as obsessed!

While there are SO many beautiful floral arrangements in this post… I think Maggie’s might be my all-time favorite. I captured this image in Indianapolis while second shooting with my sweet friend Chloe Luka Photography, and I’m obsessed with this floral design by Meg Catherine! You can tell that each individual flower was placed intentionally, and the varying shades of blush and mauve work together like a dream. Can we all just take a few moments to admire?

I have to give a shoutout to State and Arrow not only for this next bouquet, but because every single arrangement she created for this wedding was unbelievable! This image in particular is one of my favorites of all time… partly because of the veil and sunset, and partly because of the GORGEOUS bouquet! Charlie’s bouquet is the crescent shape that I love (by the way guys, I am NOT a florist so if I’m using an incorrect terms… sooo sorry haha) and the colors are bright with the perfect amount of greenery mixed in. I love it!

I’m including this sweet photo of Katie and her flower girl to show that your bridal bouquet doesn’t have to be HUGE to make a statement! This arrangement by Poppy Faye Floral may be more petite than some of the others in this post, but that doesn’t mean it’s lacking in impact! I love the variety of tones she used throughout this design. They all work together to create a beautiful masterpiece that matched perfectly with the rest of the decor!

Finally… can we talk about eucalyptus? I know some people think it’s overdone, but I personally will never get tired of it. The light shade of green photographs so beautifully! It’s also the perfect way to add shape and substance to an arrangement. I second shot this wedding with my dear friend Anna Markley and I couldn’t stop photographing these florals! Other than the eucalyptus, my favorite part of this bouquet is how it’s predominantly white with just enough color to tie in the wedding palette. It feels romantic with a bit of playfulness, exactly the same as her elegant lace dress.

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